Boombox P800 Projector


HD Projector with professional 360° Sound-System and Android Tablet

  • Excellent 360° Sound due to 8 Speakers (40 Watt)
  • 5“ Android Tablet with IPS Touch Display Powered by Samsung
  • 800 Lumens of Brightness with 1280×800 Pixels Resolution and a Picture Diagonal of up to 120″ (305cm)
  • Up to 4 Hours Projection without a Power Source
  • Interfaces: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth out, HDMI & USB


P800 is the first HD computing-projection system with integrated 360° sound system and high-performance touchscreen tablet. P800 creates a perfect visual and aural experience and purposes as a mobile office, cinema, gaming machine or sound system. Users can effortlessly deliver an impactful presentation or enjoy a spontaneous movie night at a quality never previously achieved with a Pico projection device. A unique quad directional 8 speakers arrangement (40 watts) boasts professional acoustics combining powerful bass with clear high and mid tones, creating a spectacular 360° listening experience within any environment at any time.